Reviews for Mike and the crew at MFS Masonry from satisfied customers.

Mike and his crew dug up our ancient cement walkway and installed beautiful new pavers.  The finished work looks great and he did it for half of what our landscaper had quoted us.  Mike is great to work with and we will definitely be using his company in the future.

L. L., Monroe NY

Masonary work won’t come cheap , and it shouldn’t . It’s structural, and in this case outdoors on a mountainside . Mikes work is first class with ” the right way” of doing things and in our case at least very prompt and executed in a relatively short time period Very responsive and his guys clean the site up well, no debris left behind You might find someone cheaper ( by a little ) but you won’t find anybody better

K. L., Jersey City, NJ

Everything went really well. His crew showed up as scheduled. They worked very hard and put in long days. They took pride in their work and it truly showed in the quality of the end result. They cleaned up after themselves each day and did not leave a mess. They even brought in extra topsoil to fill I and to leave it seed ready for us to plant more grass.

Ryad Ali, Highland Mills, NY

As a former home improvement contractor with “15” years of experience, I always told my customers the best way to choose a contractor was by “word of mouth”.  Fast forward to the current time-frame, and I have become a fan of Angie’s List, since essentially it is a storehouse of customers who have had experiences with the various contractors available.  Since I have the skills necessary to pretty much solve all my own construction problems, I am reluctant to “pay” someone else to handle them.  However, I also realize that sometimes time and circumstance interfere with timely completion of various projects.  Mike Sheehan, the owner of MFS Masonry, answered my query in short order, and visited my home within a mutually convenient time period.  Affable, witty, friendly, and very knowledgeable, Mike surveyed the area, took some quick but accurate measurements, and he wrote me a quote before he left.  I telephoned him at least two more times over the next several days with some other questions, and he answered directly and honestly.  After some brief delays due to the weather, Mike’s crew arrived on Thursday, May 8, and raised the old pavers, excavated the underlayment, removed the railroad ties, and demolished the front steps, after verbally insuring  that we had other access to the house. The “4” guys worked a total of “12” hours each, efficiently moving materials without disturbing/damaging the surrounding environs.  During this time Mike was not present onsite for the whole time period, but rather, trusting his able-bodied workers, informed my wife that he would be visiting with other potential customers and provided her with his cell-phone number in case there were any issues.  He returned frequently during the day, both inspecting the site, and conferring with my wife to see once again if there were any concerns.  Friday, May 9 was a carbon-copy of Thursday, but this time the installation of the new pavers was completed, and with adequate pitch to insure proper drainage into an edge-drain installed between the pool deck and the actual patio.  “One” man constructed the entire front steps on his own, insuring that it was both level and square….believe me, I checked!  Rainfall interrupted the last step of the process which was to sweep polymeric sand to lock the patio pavers in place, but Mike’s guys returned on Monday, May 12 to complete the job!  Their workmanship is superior, their attitude was professional, friendly and helpful, and the job was completed in a record “2” days, if you discount the weather delay.  The true test of course, is how will wifey like it…because as the saying goes…”Happy Wife, Happy Life!”  Wifey loves it!  Done.

George Mrsich, Westwood, NJ